History Of Education Today: May 10 Education Events

History Of Education Today: May 10 Education Events

2004 5 10 Education In 2004 the Department announced limited list of universities and colleges admissions.

2004 5 10 th ~ 11, the CPC Central Committee held in Beijing the country to strengthen and improve ideological and moral construction meeting. CPC Central Committee General Secretary Hu Jintao delivered an important speech at the meeting. He stressed that the entire party and society to do a good job of ideological and moral construction, and strive to foster the cause of socialism with Chinese characteristics, builders and successors. Standing Committee of the CPC Central Committee Political Bureau Wu Bangguo, Jia Qinglin, Zeng Qinghong and other leading comrades attended the meeting. Li presided at the meeting, Liu Yunshan for meeting concluded.

2002 5 10 fourth of Higher Education Teaching Award and the Third National Ministry of Education of Young Teachers Awards held in Beijing.
Chinese Vice Premier Li attended the meeting, for the prizes to the winners and made a speech, stressed the need to continue to further implement the strategy of rejuvenating the country to further promote the comprehensive reform of higher education and development. A total of 495 teaching achievements have won national teaching achievement award, there are 115 teachers were young college teacher. June 3, Ministry of Education issued a Li speech.

Ministry of Education, "2002" yellow "card list of colleges and universities."

2001 5 10 Chinese Vice Premier Li at the Fourth China Beijing High-tech Technology Industry International Week and the Beijing International Science and Technology Fair opening ceremony that in the Tenth Five-Year Plan period, our government will develop technology, and education in a more prominent position, increase the intensity of education work to promote science and technology education closely integrated with the economy, and promote sustained, rapid and healthy development.

2000 5 10 Minister of Education Chen Zhili, Wei Yu, Vice Minister of China met in Beijing were invited to Visit The Ministry of Education Youth and Sports Minister Edward? Zeman of the Czech Republic, headed the delegation of education.
The two sides on how to promote educational exchanges between the two countries in the Czech Republic, further development of relations and exchanged views, and signed "The People's Republic of China and the Czech Republic Ministry of Education Youth and Sports Ministry of Education from 2000 to 2003, the exchange agreement."

1996 5 10 Board of Education issued from country, "Foreign Cooperation Organizing educational Test Interim Measures for the Administration. "

State Education Commission issued "Measures for the Administration of Higher Education Self Kaikaozhuanye."

State Education Commission issued "issued in 1996 on the suspension of enrollment of colleges and universities to inform the list," with the "notice" the schools published admissions suspended: Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region belongs Aoyama University, Hubei Province, Suizhou their professional college.

Office of the State Education Commission issued a "unified national examination on the propositions to further strengthen security work for views."

1996 May 10 ~ 16, Chinese Vice Premier Li in Hunan inspection. During the investigation into the 13 medium and small schools. Stressed the need to further promote the country grows steadily City, Hunan Province, the experience of quality education; to strengthen the weak school construction to reduce the academic competition; college system should continue to adhere to the "adjustment, integration, build, merge" character approach to local economic development . July 3, "China Education" study published in the quality of education grows steadily, Li's speech, entitled "The fundamental task of basic education is to improve the quality of the whole nation."

1995 5 10 from country Education Commission, Ministry of Health jointly held the "strengthening of public health supervision and law enforcement, control of intestinal infectious diseases and food poisoning," telephone mobilization will require all localities to take measures to control intestinal infections occurred in students disease and food poisoning.

State Sports Commission, the State Education Commission jointly issued for 11 units "on a nationwide" National Health Awareness Week '95 "event notification."

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