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Department Of Rivers: Hbc Cloth Gilt Paper, Lead The Industry Trend -Department Of Rivers, Hbc,

Department Of Rivers: Hbc Cloth Gilt Paper, Lead The Industry Trend - Department Of Rivers, Hbc,
Department of rivers can be described as special printing and printing industry, a monument, particularly China and India has been to enhance the competitiveness of the industry for the enterprise mission. Department of rivers is a special printing materials research and development, production and sales and provide technical advice related to industrial companies, professional management of HBC tipping paper, ink, print / radian silicone version, special printing machine and professional silk screening, hot stamping and thermal transfer technology services. "Become a world-class bronzing paper / ink supplier" is the relentless pursuit of the vision. Companies targeted, strict management, fully implement the ISO-9002 standard, the spirit of "mutual trust and win-win" business philosophy and the "happy customers" service concept, attracted a large number of rich experience, positive people with lofty ideals of innovation, composed of a pragmatic, progressive, collaborative and innovative team of special printing, to provide systematic special printing services. HC mesh screen printed

Channel special board again invited Huibaichuan overall responsibility for public relations center is following the wah on the HBC cloth gilt paper / cloth bronzing process guest HC interviews section.

Huibaichuan board overall responsibility for public relations center is following Mr. Wright (right)
HC Network: Huibaichuan Industrial Co., Ltd. was established in 1990 has been 16 years, has developed rapidly, now more than 200 dealers nationwide distribution network of 18 stores across the Pearl River Delta and Yangtze River Delta region, "Department of rivers" has grown into a diversified Group. Can describe in detail our Huibaichuan Industrial Co., Ltd. and the current organizational structure of the business form?

China is following: Shenzhenshihui Total Industry Co., Ltd. is a "sink rivers" in the Chinese mainland to promote the brand agency, is responsible for HBC HBC Huibaichuan ink and gilt paper brand.

Huibaichuan (Hong Kong) Hot Stamping Technology Co., Ltd. is a window of foreign trade exchange rivers, is mainly responsible for the development and production of gilt paper, to meet the various needs of customers, but also the agency responsible for foreign products, such as color Lai Po, Japan Drawing and other foreign brands. Shanghai Huibaichuan Printing Materials Co., Ltd. is an independent company, fully responsible for their own affairs within the region. Shenzhenshihui rivers Precision Engraving Company Limited (mainly engaged in precision plate making business), Shenzhenshihui rivers printing equipment Co., Ltd. (screen printing equipment in the production and sales), Heyuan Huibaichuan Ink Factory (mainly R & D and production of HBC, IDR , KOTO brand ink and provide OEM services), and Shenzhenshihui rivers Stamping Craft Factory (responsible for processing technology). In addition, the Department of rivers in the nationwide franchise: Shenzhen: Xinqiao stores, Pingshanyou stores, Fukunaga stores; Dongguan: East Side stores, Liaobu stores, Houjie stores, Tangxia stores ; Guangzhou: Yi-Long franchise; Yangtze: Shanghai stores, Jiading stores, franchise stores, Ningbo, Wuxi stores; North China: Qingdao stores, Beijing stores, they are also an important part of Health and rivers.

HC Network: We have many well-known magazines, exhibitions and there are a lot of media publicity on the immediate effect on the printing paper is to bring the finishing touch with a bronzing effect. Whether used for the design of printed cloth samples, or set off the special details, feel the special rich texture of these materials and a high degree of visual light on the surface to attract the attention of many people. Can you introduce to us the basic situation of these products?

Is following the Chinese: HBC tipping paper by the German high-quality materials, beautiful and bright stamping effect is widely used in cloth, fabric, glass, metal, high-grade cigarette packets, wine box, cosmetic box, soft and hard plastics (ABS, PVC, PC, AS, PP , PE, OPP), paper, leather, wood and other printing and packaging fields. Health and rivers provide HBC cloth gilt paper, with gold, silver, red, yellow, green, blue, purple, colorful, color plants, three-color stripe colors, custom colors can be different colors according to physical , and a matching tipping slurry to provide you with professional technology and product services.

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