Department Of Rivers: Contains All Success Special Indian National Brand

Department Of Rivers: Contains All Success Special Indian National Brand

As the old saying said: "The mountains to endure the soil, which gives it great; the sea does not select stream, it could be on its depth," Industrial Co., Ltd. Shenzhen Huibaichuan business name are also proud of this. Special printing industry in China, Department of rivers can be regarded as a monument Huibaichuan people use their "good faith the Sea," the belief, achievement of a special printing industry, China's national Brand . Recently, the HC mesh screen printing industry special interview with Channel fortunate Industrial Co., Ltd. Shenzhen Huibaichuan Board Director Following is the wah, and he discussed with the Department of rivers and China's Shenzhen special printing industry.

Industrial Co., Ltd. Shenzhen Huibaichuan Board Director Following the wah is

We aim to focus on tipping paper and ink, we can put all the energy is spent on these products, to concentrate on those products, to create their own brand.

"Good faith the Sea" is the core of the Meeting Industry Co., Ltd.

rivers corporate culture, is the guiding ideology of our enterprises.

"Department of rivers" and have a mission, that is?? "Special printing industry to enhance China's competitiveness", "exchange rivers" have a goal?? "Has become a world-class hot foil, ink supplier."

HC Network: Is the President, Hello! Thank you for the interview. A reference to "Department of rivers," these three words, it reminiscent of "the Sea, tolerance is a virtue," Majestic feeling arises spontaneously. "Huibaichuan Industrial Co., Ltd." also, as its name, and steadily developed into a diversified group of companies.

Can you give us about the course of development of Health and rivers?

Is following the Chinese: All right. Huibaichuan Industrial Co., Ltd. is a comprehensive industrial company, business involved in iron foil (Electro Aluminum ), Powder foil, UV Light solid Of Ink , Solvent Ink, Precision Plate (Radians silicone version) , Screen Printing Machinery, Print Processing, Screen Printing Technical Consulting and Train , Set production, marketing, processing, research and development as a whole, in strict accordance with ISO-9002 Standard Production Operate And management. In 1990 the company first set up in Shenzhen Longgang, 1999 Registration Shenzhenshihui Total Industry Co., Ltd. Established in 2002 in Shanghai, Hong Kong and a number of subsidiaries, after years of development, the current Department of rivers in the country has more than 200 Dealers Marketing network 12 stores across the Pearl River Delta and Yangtze River Delta , With a certain size, begin to brand development.

HC Network: Published as a special expertise in the industry's oldest factories, the current "sink rivers" has grown into a diversified group of companies, particularly in the domestic printing industry, screen printing stage of rapid development, "Department of rivers," Why lock the main product was tipping paper and ink it? You please talk about your company and the status of the current domestic ink market and future trends.

Is following the Chinese: This is actually a "sink hundreds of rivers," a Strategy Objectives change, the former "Huibaichuan" doing very very full, and everything to do, but can not do anything sophisticated. Many special printing products screen printing industry, I think its "large" rather than "specialized and intensive." Before the "big", we can only make Trading Type of business or do other brands Proxy , Because our energy is limited, do not allow to do better research and development; and now, we aim to focus on tipping paper and ink, you can put all the energy spent on these products, concentrate on these products, create own brand.

Currently we have successfully create a "HBC" brand, with seven series of hot foil products are: fabric fabric series, soft and hard plastic series, commodity series of high-grade, electric equipment wire drawing double series, Glass Metal series, Leather Leather series and high-grade packaging paper series. Hot foil fabric which is our leading product, we have a slogan called "cloth hot foil, lead the industry trend." Our hot stamping of paper products in Tianjin last year Screen Printing Exhibition Since the launch, has been in short supply, at present are basically to advance to order. Why our products do so by the pro-gaze? We do not want to brag, but to use the facts speak for themselves. Europe, the tipping paper, the standard is to require 30 . C water temperature under Washing machine 30 minutes does not fade in washing, and the "exchange rivers," the implementation of the U.S. " NIKE "Standard, that is, 60 . C of water temperature Plus detergent 2 hours in the washing machine does not fade in the wash, so that product quality, "Health and rivers" absolutely stand the test of the product; in price, "Department of rivers," the price of gilt paper only Italy Similar products in the quarter is Japan's 2:05 Product, one of such "cost", I believe that consumers will make the right choice.

I am an expert from China Manufacturers, usually analyzes all kind of industries situation, such as golden jade , colored marble.

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