Education System in UK

Education System in UK

Education in United Kingdom depends purely upon the countries of UK. They have separate and individual education systems.

They can be divided as follows:

· Education in England

· Education in Northern Ireland

· Education in Scotland

· Education in Wales

Education in England:

Department for Education and Department for Business, Innovation and Skills together supervise and manage the education system in England. The policy for state schools and public education is decided by the local authorities [LA]. Nursery, primary, secondary and tertiary is the four main types of the education system in England.
Children from the age of 5-16 should compulsorily be educated in England. They can start off with primary education and then continue to study secondary and tertiary education.
Education in Northern Ireland:

Education here in Northern Ireland is said to differ from the other education systems used all over UK. However, the education system is pretty similar to that of the system used in Wales and England. The age of the child on the first day of July decides the entry point of the child in the education system of Northern Ireland, whereas the age of the child on the first day of September is the deciding date in both Wales and England.

Education in Scotland:

Education in Scotland also differs from the other education system followed in other parts of the United Kingdom.
Scotland Act 1998 is the act that offers legislative control over the education system to the parliament of Scotland. Education Act 1980 is said to be the main legislation administering education in Scotland.
Secondary school education here in Scotland has accentuated scope over the subjects available, whereas the other education systems in the United Kingdom such as the Northern Irish, English and Welsh have stressed depth on only a small range of subjects.

Education in Wales:

The education system of Wales differs in some features such as the following:

Welsh medium education is the proper mode of education for more number of students present in Wales. It is said that 22% of the classes in the primary schools sustained welsh medium education as the main medium. This particular medium of education is accessible by any age group. It is available in nurseries, schools, colleges & universities too.

Education is compulsory here from the age of 5. The child can either visit the school or stay back at home to learn at this particular age.

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