Vocational Education Instruments Committee Work Plan For 2009 - Vocational Education Instruments -

Vocational Education Instruments Committee Work Plan For 2009 - Vocational Education Instruments -
In Education Department Vocational Education And Adult Education Department, China Professional Technology Education Association's leadership, vocational education equipment for the Professional Committee of the spirit at all levels across various types of vocational schools and vocational education, the purpose of business services equipment in 2009, will carry out the following:

1. Hold "of the Seventh National Vocational Education and modern technical equipment ( Teaching material ) Exhibition "by the end of June 2009, the Chinese Society of Vocational and Technical Education and Vocational Education Equipment Professional Committee of China Educational Instrument and Equipment Corporation will continue to organize contractors in Tianjin International Exhibition Center," Seventh National Vocational Education Modern technology and equipment (materials) Exhibition "." National Vocational Education and modern technical equipment (materials) Exhibition "successfully held the sixth, the exhibition in the education administration departments, industry associations, enterprises and support institutions, has become the field of vocational education equipment the largest professional exhibition, as the country's vocational schools and vocational education the best platform for corporate communications, this exhibition will be more colorful display of the content. This exhibition will build on the previous session on display rich content, especially in agriculture, horticulture, urban construction, technology and equipment. the same time and by Department of Higher Education Department commissioned vocational, and I host committee, "the National Vocational Skills Competition and the annual results of exchange site Exhibition "Show 2008 National Vocational Skills Competition of the results of various types, and the organization of national vocational colleges to visit.

2.2009 Special Committee on Vocational Education and equipment will further improve the site construction work, to improve impact. Site construction will close around the contest, exhibitions, skills competitions, international exchanges and training activities to enrich, and expand the impact of increased services to corporate member sites into a platform for exchange and school members.

3. Adjustment Board, established a Secretariat-wide organization, doing the work of members of assembly. As part of the directors and the executive director of job changes and other factors, equipment, the Committee will work according to the actual situation and the need to adjust some of the governing and executive director. Through two years of internal building?, Department of the Secretariat of the current exhibitions, events department, Liaison Department, Training Department, and the network, the Propaganda Department, in 2009 these sectors will continue through the organization of activities, expand its influence, is a membership with the Institute school exchange platform members; to fully absorb the corporate members of the same time, increase the proportion of member institutions. In 2009 we continued with the China Educational Instrument and Equipment Corporation, jointly organized by the Ministry of Education Institute of Vocational Education equipment equipment going abroad, visits and exhibitions, study and learn the advanced experience of developed countries; expand our exports of high-quality vocational education to More high-quality vocational education and equipment made to the international market, especially in developing countries in the international promotion of vocational education in China, output of China's Vocational Education.

4.08 years under the guidance of Department of Higher Education, I will work with the world's leading companies carried out jointly by the project model vocational college training, the Chief, institutions and enterprises alike, for the school and enterprise Cooperation Teacher practice, training, development can take out a signature model. 09 On this basis I will increase the well-known companies with more and more professional development for teachers training and international exchanges between vocational schools.

5. To actively participate in the National Vocational Skills Competition of the organization in accordance with the unified arrangements of the Ministry of Education, by the end of June 2009 will be held in Tianjin in 2009 the National Vocational Skills Competition. Equipment Committee will actively participate in the organization of the contest. Event the Department of National Vocational Skills Competition as a vocational group events preparatory group secretariat to assist the Ministry of Higher Education Department, is responsible for the preparatory work in accordance with the timetable and urge all race entries Expert Group progress and progress; receiver, organize project Expert Group working paper; assistance projects receiving technical advisory group of experts; accept the entry application, to assist in athlete eligibility application; released through the official website http://www.chinaskills.org event of external information; services, such as the National Vocational Skills Competition types . Professional Committee of Vocational Education Equipment

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